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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 24, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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for monday, august 24th, 2009. -- captions by vitac -- hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez. something just happened i want you to see. it's an abrupt but very dramatic moment with a woman who says that her husband is not getting any insurance coverage and she is so desperate. you will hear it in her voice. she seems critical of health care as it is now. she is pleading with one republican senator who is most against reform. that's what makes this for such an interesting exchange. here is her plea now and his response. >> we need help. my husband has traumatic brain injuries. his health insurance will not cover him and what i need to
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know is are you going to help him where he can even drink? we left the nursing home and they told us we are on our own. he left with a feeding tube. i have been working with him but i'm not a speech pathologist, a professional that takes six years for a master's and i'm trying to get him to even drink. >> well, i think first of all, yeah, we'll help. the first thing we'll do is see what we can do individually to help you through our office but the other thing that's missing in this debate is us as neighbors, helping people that need our help. you know, we tend -- [ applause ] >> the idea that the government is the solution to our problems is an inaccurate, a very inaccurate statement. >> it's interesting that senator coburn just essentially said the government is not the solution.
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but then you have to ask yourself he just told her to come and see him. isn't he the government? by the way, after helping her, what will he do about the other 46,999,000 americans that don't have insurance and the thousands upon thousands of americans who say they do have insurance but like her, they're not getting coverage. we'll ask those questions and we'll stay on top of that story for you. here's the breaking news story we have been telling you about, coming out of washington. it happened in the last 10 or 15 minutes. associated press is now reporting united states interrogators threatened to kill the children of 9/11 suspect khalid shaikh mohammed in the event of other attacks on u.s. soil. that information contained in a long-suppressed report. we have been awaiting all day. we also know because cnn had earlier confirmed that interrogators threatened this terror suspect with an electric drill.
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no, not khalid shaikh mohammed but this man right here. the man you're seeing right there. he was a suspect in the bombing of the u.s. warship, "cole." listen to this. at the same time these details are leaking out, all this is happening right now, attorney general eric holder now is naming a prosecutor to examine nearly a dozen cases in which cia interrogators and contractors, mind you, may have violated anti-torture laws of the united states. robert behr is a former cia agent, now a columnist for he has written extensively and very well, i might add, about u.s. intelligence or in some cases, lack thereof. bob, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> did you or anybody that you ever worked with threaten someone with a drill? >> absolutely not. this happened after 9/11. when i was in the cia, i spent 21 years there, we were absolutely forbidden from hostile interrogations is what
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we used to call them, or torture, in any form, or working with governments that tortured people. this is something new that occurred after 9/11 which is against u.s. law. >> there's something i emphasized there, i don't know if you caught it when i was reading it because it's not just cia agents who may have done this, but some of these people working for the government, these contractors, who are essentially in many cases really mercenaries working in your name and my name, does that trouble you? >> last i heard, this assassination program which went from the cia to blackwater was given $30 million of unaccountable information at the same time we have got blackwater employees accusing management of actually killing people. i mean, they are hiding behind the veil, the corporate veil, which is hiding behind the veil of secrecy. we have no idea what went on. >> let me ask you a question. it sounds like the president of
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the united states really doesn't want this to happen because he's juggling way too many balls right now. it's starting to look from this report that i just read that eric holder will move forward with not only naming someone to investigate this, but eventually having prosecutors, that means it's starting to look like people are going to be prosecuted in these cases. some americans are going to look at this and say don't prosecute them, they were only trying to stop terrorists, so even if they made some mistakes or did some things illegal, so what. what do you say to that? >> look, in times of war, there are always abuses but the military has in place a system, it's called court martials. even in iraq now during the vietnam war, during the second world war, we have had court martials. the cia should have some sort of system where there's accountability, whether it's a special prosecutor or a system like court martials, i don't know, but there has to be accountability. >> so if these guys did this,
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should they be prosecuted, if they took a working drill and put it next to somebody's head? if they took out a gun and started firing it, pretending to be killing people and then told the person that they were so-called torturing that he would be next? should they be prosecuted? >> if it's against american law, yes. no one's above the law, the military, you and me, yes. they have to be. we have no choice. >> one more question. this guy, al nashiri, sounds like some of the things they did to him sound pretty awful if they actually happened. do you know from your sources if this guy had some kind of imminent threat that was about to be imposed on the united states or its people? >> no, they didn't know whether there was a ticking bomb in his case. what they wanted to find out is what he knew and he wasn't talking right away or they didn't think he was. so they resorted to these techniques. we knew very little about al qaeda before 9/11 and there was a desperate attempt to get more information. i understand the atmosphere but the point is that some people
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went beyond even the very wide guidelines and there must be an accountability for that. >> sounds like there may very well be an accountability. bob, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. an emergency session in scotland over this man. even the scots are angry at their own government for releasing a terrorist and watching as he's treated like a hero when he gets back to libya. we will bring you the very latest on this unfolding story. also, fidel castro is back in the spotlight. how can that be? what's really going on here with this guy? also, you are going to see during this newscast one of the most amazing, certainly one of the most graphic public service announcements ever. in fact, here's a taste. ♪
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here we go. lot of comments from that conversation we just had with the cia guy moments ago. let's go to the twitter board, if we possibly can. here's brad king. he says no, it's not right. we cannot protect the values that america stands for by ignoring those same values when it fits our needs. we've got a contrasting viewpoint from the right one, who watches the show regularly. he says haven't heard anything that upsets me about our cia. not even when you try to sensationalize it. my thanks to both of you for
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your comments. now this. this is a story that tops anything that you can see on reality television. it came to an abrupt end in a canadian motel room, where staff members found the body of ryan jenkins. he's the former reality show contestant accused of the brutal murder of his wife, jasmine fiore, a california swimsuit model. >> hanging from a belt from a coat rack. that was it. death is not a pretty scene. >> they're calling this one an apparent suicide but discovering the body doesn't quite close the case. the motel manager says jenkins had been staying at the motel since friday when he was dropped off by a young blond woman. police are still trying to figure out who that woman was and whether she knows anything about this crime. we'll be following it for you. when we come back, outrage among the scots and you know what they're outraged at? their own country, for letting a terrorist get a hero's welcome.
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we call this a national conversation, and that's exactly what we try to do, involve you as much as possible in some of the stories that we're covering. let's go to our twitter board because we're continuing to get a ton of response on this conversation we had just a little while ago about the possibility that people could be prosecuted for torture, who are american cia agents or members of different military contracting organizations. start with at the top, i agree with the court martial equivalent for rogue interrogators. this behavior leaves us no moral standing in the world. however, look just below what rugged cowboy says, see it right there, he says if scare tactics prevent another 9/11, then do it. who cares what them barbarians
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think. i don't. my thanks for your comments. turns out that even scots are outraged by scotland's decision to free convicted pan am bomber abdel basset al megrahi. the justice minister faced an emergency session of the scottish parliament today and insists his decision was made strictly on humanitarian grounds. >> i received an application from mr. al megrahi for compassionate release. he was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in september 2008. i had been regularly updated as to the progression of his illness. i have received numerous comprehensive medical reports, including opinions of consultants who have been treating him. it is quite clear to the medical experts that he has a terminal illness and indeed, that there has recently been a significant
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deterioration in his health. >> let me remind you that 270 people died when the boeing 747 exploded over lockerbie and families were outraged when they saw the bomber, abdel basset al megrahi, returning to libya and getting this hero's -- look at this video. this is a man who was found guilty of blowing some 260 people out of the sky. the other ten or so were killed on the ground there in scotland. he's being treated as if he were a hero. as we stay with this video, i want to bring in cnn's political contributor, robin oakley. he's in london following this story. robin, is there starting to be some blow-back on this in scotland and does it have to do with possible boycotts or is there a deep-seated feeling they have made a mistake? >> reporter: there is as much anger and irritation about this in scotland and the rest of the
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uk as there is on the international scene, particularly there's a huge sympathy with the families of the lockerbie victims, and even kenny macaskill, the man who made this decision on compassioned grounds, was angered by the hero's welcome you're talking about that al megrahi got when he went back to tripoli. i think that has tripped the balance, if it needed any further tipping politically, in that people who might have seen a wider real politic justification for this in terms of continuing good relations with libya, helping it to cease being a pariah state and bringing it into the community of nations, a lot of people saying no, this is a step too far, particularly because of the way they greeted al megrahi when he returned. >> let me ask you a question. we have asked a lot of questions at the white house in the united states and what we are hearing from president obama and some of the spokespeople is that they had called the libyans, had told them they didn't want to see
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this kind of reaction. in fact, the president said just last thursday, i recall, that he wanted to make sure this guy was under house arrest when he got there. working the other side of the atlantic for us, do you know if any such assurances were either gained or tried to negotiate by either gordon brown's administration or some of the folks in scotland? >> reporter: absolutely, rick. both the scottish government, who granted the release to al megrahi sought assurances that there would be no hero's welcome, that it would all be a quiet, discreet affair. so did gordon brown, who met colonel gadhafi at this year's g-8 to which he was invited as an observer for the first time. shortly after that, he wrote him a letter, gordon brown did, saying dear moammar, as he started it, wishing him a happy ramadan and saying look, if there does happen to be a
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release of al megrahi on compassion grounds, please ensure that the whole thing is treated quietly and discreetly and reasonably. well, whatever assurances he may have got in return, we don't know that there were assurances, then certainly it's not been carried out when he got there. >> let me look to the future here a little bit and ask you one more -- i know you're not a doctor and neither am i, but i do know this. i think you probably do as well. if you get something like pancreatic cancer, you will usually live one, two, maybe three months and unfortunately, that's when most people die. if you get prostate cancer, you and i both know you can live for years with that. if this guy, al megrahi, is still alive a year from now, man, how big a problem is this going to be for the scottish government and i guess in part for the british government as well? >> the longer he lives, the greater the embarrassment obviously for the scottish government.
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what kenny macaskill did say is he had a particular form of cancer that was effectively untreatable by any of the known remedies or alleviations for this particular form of cancer. so i think they're pretty strong on the prognosis that he is not likely to live much longer than three months but as you say, if he does, that's going to be adding to the political embarrassment. >> i think it will as well. robin, thanks so much. good job for us. we appreciate it. is he dead, is he on death's door? these are the questions that have been asked in south florida and around the world about fidel castro. actually, now it's starting to look like he's doing okay, if not better than okay. could fidel castro be president of cuba again? also, mock executions,
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threats made with power drills, those are among the charges contained in the new report on u.s. interrogations. what will it lead the u.s. attorney general to do? we have got breaking news on this story and we will be sharing it with you in just a little bit. the story still moving as we go forward. then the aftershow right at 4:00 on be sure and stay with us on, where we will continue for another 15 minutes today showing you more of that video we have been telling you about out of england. stay with us. grill: holy moly!!! what just hap...whoa! grill: i! hey! that looks great. grill: and there's no need to discuss it further. in fact, you can buff most of that out. just give it a once-over with a wet paper towel...hee, hee grill: ok, good talking to you... anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. ding! with 24-hour claims service. ies who need
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hugo chavez is shutting down golf courses in venezuela and guess who's back? you might say his figurative uncle. remember when we figured that fidel castro was as good as gone from the political scene, some were even thinking he was dead? there were hospital pictures like these, the stories of cancer, failed surgeries. then he finally ceded power. castro ceding power? then there were rallies in miami. there he is in a hospital bed. here we are three years later and the maximum leader emeritus
3:25 pm
isn't looking bad. not at all. but why the flurry of news pictures suddenly coming out of cuba? what's havana trying to signal to the rest of the world? how did we get this so wrong? by the way, what's the reaction in south florida's cuban exile community? popular tv personality elvira salazar will join me live to talk about this and let us know what the real low-down on this story. stay with us. welcome to the now network. population: 49 million. right now 1.2 million people are on sprint mobile broadband. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. eight are wearing bathrobes. two... less. - 154 people are tracking shipments on a train. - ( train whistles ) 33 are im'ing on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email... - on a vacation. - hmm? ( groans ) that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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checking your reaction on your tweets. we are certainly getting a lot of it. i want to show you something. take a look back at fidel castro. this is in the summer of 2006. this is about the time that he steps aside as president. remember there were rallies in the streets of miami?
3:28 pm
we covered a few of those. in fact, many thought he was on death's door at the time with a rare, mysterious gastrointestinal ailment. then for a long time, we barely saw him and now this. take a look at this video of fidel castro. this is this weekend. comparatively speaking, it's a huge difference. in fact, he seems to have recovered. while we look at this video, let's hear from the most popular television personality in the heavily cuban exile community of south florida, my old friend and colleague, maria elvira salazar joining me now. good afternoon. how are you? >> reporter: nice seeing you. >> likewise. what's going on with this guy? >> reporter: like you said, he's getting healthier, getting better and poor cuba and poor cuban people. the healthier he gets, the worse they get. >> is he undercutting his own brother? it almost seems like i will give you the job there, raul, but now i will start showing up in the media looking trim and fit and
3:29 pm
talking to the people. you would think that wouldn't help raul's solid foundation of ownership over the country. >> reporter: he's undercutting every step raul is trying to do. it's a bad day for the obama administration because you know president obama has shown the best intentions to get close to the cuban regime, has shown the best intentions to open up and say hey, let's dialogue. but every time that fidel shows up it's a no, no, no and he has undermined his own brother. when raul said yeah, let's sit at the table with the americans, fidel said no, he made a mistake. >> i think you would agree as long as fidel castro's in the picture, it would be difficult for this country to have any kind of rapprochement with cuba. with raul, maybe. he still has castro as a last name but as long as fidel castro's in the picture, i just don't see it happening. under a democratic or republican administration. what's your take? >> reporter: exactly what you're saying. the empirical evidence is overwhelming.
3:30 pm
for three years, raul has been in power. he has tried to do certain changes in the economy, he has tried to talk to the americans but every time fidel gets better, like this time, he says no. so i think the obama administration is in the position to have to wait. listen, fidel is like a big ghost behind his brother, and this ghost we thought, like you said at the beginning, was dead and he was about to die, and now he's getting healthier, bigger and wider. >> i bet you, i know my parents love to watch your show every night. i can only imagine you will be leading with this tonight. what do you expect the reaction to be in south florida? how frustrated will south florida's cuban exile community be to see pictures of fidel castro looking healthier than he did two or three years ago? >> it's very disappointing because you have to understand that everybody wants the cuban people to eat better, to have freedom, and to be able to join the international community.
3:31 pm
it's a sad day for everybody, starting with the obama administration and finishing with the people that we represent, you and me, the cuban exiles. we have been wanting to really believe in raul, that he's going to do good things for the cuban people, that he's going to open up economically, he will allow the little beauty shop that the lady on the street wants to open up but no, you know why, because fidel doesn't let him, because fidel doesn't care about anything. i'm so happy your parents watch me and i love them and thanks for being able to meet your mom the other day. the problem is that fidel doesn't love anybody. he doesn't love his own family. he has very little love for his own children. >> that's interesting because i hear you saying, we are running out of time here, but i almost hear you saying that you believe, as do many people who have studied raul castro believe, he actually is more malleable than his brother. >> reporter: listen, raul is a big if.
3:32 pm
no one really knows who raul is because he has his brother next to him, calling him and bothering him. so now that his brother is better, we know raul or we have seen during the last three years that raul is not going to dare to do anything his brother doesn't allow. >> sounds like we just have to wait and see. >> reporter: unfortunately. >> all right. maria elvira -- >> reporter: nice seeing you, rick. this is shocking. ♪ that's just a little piece of this. i will show you this video because, well, we met and discussed it. it's very graphic. i've got to tell you. i don't know, you can decide for yourself as a parent whether you want your kids to watch it or not watch it. i know i probably would want my kids to watch it, because my kids text way too much. my teenagers, that is, not the little ones. does this public service announcement go too far or is it just right?
3:33 pm
we will let you decide for yourself. also, will he or won't he? that's the question surrounding attorney general eric holder. sounds like he's pushing toward having prosecutors decide whether the cia went too far. there's a new report we will share with you in just a little bit. don't forget the aftershow.
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3:35 pm
let's do a reset for you because there's a lot of stuff going on. we told you there's breaking news coming out of washington. let me try and catch you up on that, if i can. here's what we know. united states interrogators have threatened to kill the children of 9/11 suspect khalid shaikh mohammed in the event of other attacks on u.s. soil. that is information that they're
3:36 pm
gaining now because it's been contained in a very long time suppressed report that was released about a half hour ago, just as we were getting ready to go on the air. we have been wondering whether that report was going to be released. it's important because it may lead to prosecutions of cia agents or maybe even of some of the military contractors who may have done some of these, who may have, may have gone too far. there's another explosive detail i want to share with you now. this one, details that interrogators threatened this terror suspect you see right there with an electric drill by turning it on and keeping it close to him, threatening they would use it on him. he was a suspect, they say, in the bombing of the u.s. warship, "cole." also, in the past half hour, here's more information that we have gained on this. attorney general eric holder has ordered a federal prosecutor to examine nearly a dozen cases in which cia interrogators and
3:37 pm
contractors may have violated anti-torture laws. again, he's placing this man as the person who will do the probe to determine whether these cases will be open. that's prosecutor john durham. durham has been investigating the destruction of cia interrogation tapes as well since january 2008. so there's some movement now on some of the actions that took place during the bush administration, something the president says he doesn't want to get involved with because he's already got too much stuff going on, but that's the newest information. there's another story developing just as we were getting ready to go on the air. i want to share it with you now. we have been telling you about the town halls taking place all over the country. this is senator tom coburn from oklahoma at a town hall he held today. tom coburn, you should know, is very much against health care reform, at least in the form in which it's been presented by the white house. this is a woman that seems to be saying the present system doesn't work. she breaks down in tears as she
3:38 pm
tries to plead with him to give her some kind of solution. let's listen. >> mr. coburn, we need help. my husband has traumatic brain injuries. his health insurance will not cover him to even drink and what i need to know is are you going to help him where he can eat and drink? we left the nursing home and they told us we were on our own. he left with a feeding tube. i have been working with him but i'm not a speech pathologist, a professional that takes six years for a master's, and i am trying to get him to eat and drink. >> well, i think first of all, yeah, we'll help. the first thing we'll do is see what we can do individually to help you through our office. but the other thing that's missing in this debate is us as
3:39 pm
neighbors. helping people that need our help. we tend to -- [ applause ] the idea that the government is the solution to our problems is an inaccurate, a very inaccurate statement. >> we have one viewer who's commenting. he says, this is on twitter, robert, says she was lucky that they gave her a chance. well, they gave her a chance to comment, nonetheless. when we come back, we have been telling you that there is this remarkable small movie is probably the best way to refer to this. it's coming out of england. it is a psa, public service announcement, where they're trying to get people to stop trying to text or e-mail while they drive. it is very dramatic. you will see it for yourself. these days... i gotta as
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k, what's in it for me? i'm not looking for a bailout, just a good paying job. that's why i like this clean energy idea. now that works for our whole family. for the kids, a better environment. for my wife, who commutes, no more gettin' jerked around on gas prices... and for me, well, it wouldn't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening.
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i want to show you a picture in a recent "new york times" article from greenland. the island you see there, see, many had thought that for years, it was part of the mainland but the ice has now melted and for the first time, residents there have discovered that whoever owned that real estate just to the right of that picture got a really bad deal. that is where we start focus for this day. every serious scientist who's not secretly working for an oil company will tell you that greenland's ice sheet is melting at an exponential rate.
3:43 pm
maybe we don't even have to listen to scientists. maybe all we have to do is listen to nature. watch this video. i want you to focus not on the people having their picture taken but rather on the iceberg behind them. watch as part of it starts to melt and it collapses right before your eyes and theirs. this is greenland, folks. watch the waves it sends toward them as it shifts, now watch as they all turn around as if the earth itself was trying to tell them something. global warming deniers will call this a coincidence and they may be right but a recent ohio state study found that if you take all of the land mass of manhattan and multiply it ten times and even then some, that's how much ice greenland has lost just between 2000 and 2008. now it's time for dos. you don't get out of much when you don't know how to use an automatic sliding glass door, do
3:44 pm
you? imagine being so confused by something this routine for most of us that you freak out and then you crash right through it like you have never seen glass before. folks, that's an exit. i want you to meet the guy who reminds me of the guy that i played in the club championship this weekend, i swear. he hits the ball great but about that preshot routine, it's got a little skip in it. actually, it's got a little double skip in it. then it's got like a little loop-de-loopy thing. then he takes a couple steps back and then he takes another big step back and then he hits it. and listen to the gallery. [ applause ] okay. we cheated a little bit. isn't that amazing? that's some swing. coming up next, if you want to make your kids put down the cell phone while they're
3:45 pm
driving, there is a controversial video that i want you to see. this may be the most powerful public service announcement ever. it's like watching a movie. you're going to see it in all its graphic detail.
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3:47 pm
we've got some developing news we need to share with you having to do with michael jackson and apparently, what may have killed him. this is according to the "los angeles times" they have just released a report which we are very close to confirming ourselves, i understand, and what they're confirming is that michael jackson did indeed die of lethal levels of propofol.
3:48 pm
this is what the court documents are showing. l.a. county coroner's officials found lethal levels of propofol after examining michael jackson's body. this is according to a search warrant. now, here's what's interesting about this. jackson's doctor, conrad murray, told the lapd detectives he had been treating jackson for insomnia for about six weeks. he had been giving jackson 50 milligrams of propofol every night using an intravenous line, according to court records. here's what's even more interesting about this. on the day that jackson died, let me make sure i'm looking over my notes here, he acknowledged that he obtained and administered this powerful answesthetic anesthetic, to jackson the morning jackson died. stay with me here. in an interview with police, murray told them that he left jackson alone under the influence of this medication to make telephone calls to his houston office and to family members.
3:49 pm
so he has told the lapd, according to newly released documents, yes, he had given him propofol that morning and then he had to leave to make telephone calls. again, that's according to the documents. when he returned, that's when he discovered jackson was not breathing, as you have heard in previous reports, he performed cpr and one of jackson's staff members called 911. he was rushed to the hospital, where he was later declared dead. so there's a lot of new information that we can talk to you about now. the fact that they're reporting that michael jackson did die of propofol and it was conrad murray who admits he had been giving him propofol for some time now. on the day he died, he also told lapd he had, as well, given him the propofol, administered it to him, but he said he had to leave to make some telephone calls. obviously this is a story that will be moving some more. as it does, we will share it with you. brand new information. i want you to watch something now. i want you to watch something
3:50 pm
with me. it's tough to watch. it's a lot like a movie and ever since i saw it last week, we saw it last week, it's kind of been stuck in our heads. my my staff and i watched this and decided that we should probably see this, that we should show this to you. again, it's very graphic. ♪ >> all right. it continues. and it's just as graphic in its continuation. it's very strong. it's obviously like a movie that was shot. it's not something that really happened. it's a psa being shown in schools in england, the first showing on a u.s. television network. it's going to last about four minutes when you see the whole thing. and as you saw, it is very raw, very graphic, and we've got more coming up.
3:51 pm
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3:53 pm
to court documents and his doctor had actually told police previously heed a administered propofol to him that morning and had been left to make some telephone calls. so, again, cnn confirming this information now. expect this information to move. all right. back to that graphic video i've been telling you about, a public service announcement, probably as graphic as we've ever seen, aimed to get my kids, your kids to not text while they're driving a car. hold on to your hats, folks. this is tough to watch. joining me now on the phone, amy ingram, who's actually in this film. you'll see her in there. you'll recognize her. amy, gives us a 20-second intro. >> hi. well, basically, the film shows the dangers of texting while driving. there's a young girl driving the car, there's two passengers about the same age, and basically killed two of their
3:54 pm
friends or the passengers. >> killed? you said killed? >> yeah. >> oh, my goodness. i'm going to stop you, bring you back on the other side. here it is. it's controversial. it's graphic. let's watch. ♪ ♪ [ horns ] [ crying ]
3:55 pm
>> bring an ambulance! bring an ambulance! stay still. i can't -- i can't open the door. just -- i'll bring an ambulance. [ sirens ] >> she's got her seat belt on. >> two people.
3:56 pm
>> mommy, daddy. wake up. mommy, daddy, wake up. mommy and daddy, wake up. >> look at me. all right? what's your friend's name in the back?
3:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> you're going to be okay.
3:58 pm
♪ >> amazing. peter watkins huge as the film director who created this. and we just talked to amy ingram. she's still with us, as well. let me share with you what folks are saying here on our own twitter board. "wow, the brits really don't like texting and driving, huh? i don't think many others will after seeing this psa a." look at this one after that -- "wow, i got the chills with that commercial but it's right and needs to be shown. chills chills chills." "shock tactics are a good idea. the psa is graphic and may stop a few, but most are used to seeing graphic scenes in video et cetera and lit not have any
3:59 pm
effect." three out of four people are saying that is a very effective psa. ours are much milder, peter, in this country. what kind of reaction are you getting so far over there? >> it's been extraordinary, rick. i mean, i'll tell you the truth about the clip itself. it's only posted on the internet. we posted it just to show a friend of mine, one person, and last week on sunday we find it was being picked up by local hackers and from last sunday to today, we've had 1.5 million views and the comments have been unbelievable. so many people -- >> i'm wondering, amy, let me just bring you into this conversation, did you think this would be as graphic as it is? >> no, i didn't think it'd be as graphic as it is, but i believe that nothing is ever too graphic when it comes to saving people's lives. and this is what this ad is doing. it is going to save people's lives. >> is this as big a problem over


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